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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What's Up in Wassen

Well, not much to be honest...  It's a small village in Switzerland which has 7 hotels, 4 banks, 2 old people's homes, 1 little supermarket and a church and not much else.  My humans and I are were driving from Italy to Germany and we had to pass through Switzerland.  

Normally my human doesn't like stopping there because everything is too expensive, but we had just passed through a big long tunnel called the St. Gotthart, when the car suddenly started making big noises.  A nice man towed our car to a garage and we all had to stay in a hotel in Wassen.  It was nice, because I was finally out of the car and we could walk around the big mountains there.

We even saw some brown cows that make the brown milk for the famous Swiss chocolate.


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