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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Viking Invasion

Last weekend there was the Maritime Festival in Portaferry, Northern Ireland, where we are staying at the moment.  There were lots of activities for 2 days.  First we went on a foraging walk along the seacoast on Ballyhenry Island.  I didn't like the seasweeds much though, unlike my humans.
 In the afternoon we went to a Viking market.

 There were Vikings fighting and doing archery.
 One Viking got killed and they held a funeral for him.  I was very sad about the dead Viking.
 First they carried his body around the town and were shouting and lamenting.
 They then brought him back to his ship and with fire arrows lit him up.

 Finally in the evening we went to a concert of the Brigid O'Neill Trio
We had a lovely day and the sun was shining.