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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Frolicking in Florence

Today my male human and his nephew Jaap went to Florence to pick up my female human who arrived on an aeroplane.
As Jaap had never been to Florence except on some kind of computer game, we went a bit early to walk around the city.  We saw this big cathedral,

Some old bridge with houses on it and squillions of people.

Some naked man called David on a box.

An old man with a pidgeon on his head who could pee from his knee.

And lots of other buildings

But in the end I turned out to be the most photographed attraction, just because I like scratching my back by holding on to my lead with my mouth and letting my human drag me along the pavement.  Don't know what's so special about that...

In the end I was glad to be out of the city and I was even happier to see my human again!


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