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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Back Home!

After our long travels we finally arrived back home in Italy.  It's spring time so I just want to get out and meet girls.  The other day I ran away for a whole night and day.  My humans were getting quite worried, but luckily someone who recognised me at the bottom of the hill took me in and managed to inform my humans and they came to pick me up.

Yesterday we went for a day to the seaside.  First we went to Marinella di Sarzana, which has a very long beach.  There was a lot of debris washed onto the shore after the winter storms.

 Afterwards we went to our favouritist beach.  We call the Black Beach, because the sand is all black, but it's actually called Punta Corvo.  It's near the village of Montemarcello.  Not many people go there, because you have to clamber down lots of steps to get there and climb them all back up again.


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Meeting Saint Wendelin

Also on our way home to Italy we stopped with some friends in Sankt Wendel in the Saarland region of Germany.  The town was named after Saint Wendelin who was a shepherd many years ago.  Here is a statue of him and a church dedicated to him:

 One day went on a walk with our friend and her dog
Kr├╝mel, which means crumb in German.  We weren't the best of friends, because he was a bit bossy.  We went to the Silver Lake and had a swim together, although I was a little frightened of the murky water.

In the woods afterwards we found some strange stone sculptures