Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Done Donegal

After a long time I went travelling again with my humans.  We went to County Donegal in the northwest of Ireland.  We had a lovely time.  On the picture above we visited an old fort called Grianan of Aileach, which was built by some king a long time ago.  It had some lovely views and I could clamber up the walls.

And talking about clambering, we climbed the highest mountain in Donegal called Mount Errigal.  My humans as usual were a bit slow to catch up with me, but on the lower part I nearly drowned in the bog, so my human had to rescue me.  Afterwards he had to give me a shower, because I was covered in mud.  I didn't like that bit...

The best part was when we went to lots of beaches, like this one called Carrickfinn, where it was really windy:

This little rocky beach was on the Rosguill peninsula:

This beach was called Narin-Portnoo, as it says on the sign:

Bunbeg Beach was my favourite though, because it had an old boat on it that was named after me.  It was called Eddie the Boat!

We also saw lots of cliffs like Crohy Head,

Horn Head,

Fanad Head,

the highest cliffs in Ireland, Slieve League

and the northernmost point of Ireland, Malin Head

We did lots more, but now I am happy to be back in my own cosy home.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Great Craic in Kerry

The other day me and my humans and our friend Nigel went on a wee holiday in the south-west of Ireland in County Kerry.  We stayed in a cottage in a place called Caherdaniel on the Ring of Kerry.  It was very close to the sea, so we went to the beach every day.  I loved that!  It was very windy for the first few days, but I didn't mind as long as I could run around on the beach.

This was on a beach a called Derrynane Beach which was very close to where we stayed.  There was also an island you could walk over to with the ruin of an old abbey and a wood we went for a walk in.

We went for a drive around the Iveragh Peninsula as well and saw a lot of lovely places such as another old abbey in Ballinskellig:

 Views of the Skellig Rocks out in the ocean:

The Kerry Cliffs:

And some cliffs on an island called Valentia (I expected it to be warmer and sunnier in Valentia...)

Back at the cottage the views changed every day, sometimes rainbows, sometimes lovely sunsets.

We visited 2 other peninsulas while we were too, but I'll tell you about that next time

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Muddy in Loughrea

The other day I went to the west of Ireland with one of my humans and our friend Maureen to a place near Loughrea in County Galway.  We went to visit another friend called Mark Boyle, who apparently is famous for being the 'Moneyless Man'.  I don't know what is so special about that, I have never had any money myself and I am almost 7 years old!  Also you can't even eat money...  Now he does have money though and a lovely house and a big, muddy garden.  Instead he has now given up computers and telephones (which I still don't think is very special... I only use the computer to write this blog)

He doesn't live in the big house though, but in this small one:

One day we went for a nice walk through the woods with lots of other doggies, which was fun.  There we discovered the ruin of a very big house, which used to belong to an English landlord, who the locals didn't like much.  So they burned his house:

At night we stayed in this house that used to be an old pig barn and is called the Happy Pig.  I wasn't allowed to sleep on the nice comfy sofas though because I got so muddy playing outside.  I was a wee bit upset about that.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Good Mourne-ing

Our friend Nigel has come to visit us all the way from England.  S yesterday we went to some mountains near us called the Mourne Mountains in County Down.

It was a lovely sunny day, it was so warm that my humans even turned colour.

There is a long stone wall in the mountains, which I think is so big you can see from space!

It's been built to keep the sheep out of the water apparently.

We climbed one of the mountains called Slieve Bernagh.  It took us hours and we had to clamber over a lot of rocks.  My humans were a bit slow, so I had to pull them along.

We had a great day and at the end we were all very tired.

We also went over a bit called Hare's Gap, but my humans wouldn't let me chase any hares.